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Advanced Sim Racing

Our latest generation telemetry app, this builds on the capabilities of our original RS Dash app to add even more advanced features like our Advanced Analysis high resolution data analysis tool, a highly customisable dashboard editor and upgrades to our game interfaces to provide you with even more data.


RS Dash ASR is an iOS, Android and Windows telemetry app for popular racing simulators. It also offers access to our latest generation dashboard designs and a highly customisable dashboard editor. It can also be used to record high resolution telemetry data to enable detailed post session telemetry analysis in our online portal.

RS Dash ASR offers a large number of features which are detailed briefly below. It is recommended that you watch the RS Dash ASR Promotional Video on this page for a preview of these features.
Dashboards / Dashboard Editor

RS Dash ASR offers users our latest generation of dashboards, with improved design, functionality and customisation options over the existing fixed dashboards in RS Dash. An advanced dashboard designer is built into the app to allow complete customisation of your dashboard layouts.

Session History

RS Dash ASR users are able to store all of their session results and lap by lap summary information from each practice, qualifying, race and time trial session in the cloud for later review. (online portal link)

Advanced Analysis

RS Dash ASR offers an Advanced Analysis feature designed for the serious sim racer. High resolution sensor data from your vehicle is recorded in real time and uploaded to the cloud for further detailed analysis. This provides the ability to perform professional level analysis of your driving, comparing sensor data at any point along the track with other analysis laps to see where time is being lost or gained. You have the ability to compare things such as throttle & brake inputs, steering angle, gear, rpm, speed, g-forces, rolling lap time and more at any point within a lap. This sensor data is displayed on a track map overlay with accompanying graphs for detailed analysis. (online portal link)

Important: To use the Advanced Analysis review tools, you will require a tablet or desktop/laptop with a full HD resolution or greater. If you are unsure, please login to the portal and try the Analysis (Demo) before purchasing.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, subscriptions that include Advanced Analysis provide storage for approximately 500 laps worth of analysis data (based on an average length track and 11 channels of data).

RS Dash Online Portal (link)

Available on any modern web browser, best viewed on a tablet (landscape) or Desktop PC / Laptop screen. This portal extends our mobile apps to enable cloud storage of recorded telemetry data such as Session History and Advanced Analysis. Both RS Dash and RS Dash ASR can upload telemetry data to this portal, however only RS Dash ASR can upload advanced analysis data due to its increased complexity, higher bandwidth and storage requirements.

Note: A tablet or desktop/laptop with a full HD resolution or greater is required for some online portal features, but it is also recommended for the best experience.

RS Dash ASR supports
  • Assetto Corsa (PC, Playstation)

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione (PC only)

  • AutoMobilista 2 (PC)

  • F1 2020 (PC, XBox and Playstation)

  • F1 2021 (PC, XBox and Playstation)

  • F1 2022 (PC, XBox and Playstation)

  • F1 2023 (PC, XBox and Playstation)

  • F1 2024 (PC, XBox and Playstation)

  • Forza Motorsport 7 (PC, XBox) *

  • Forza Motorsport 2023 (PC, XBox)

  • Gran Turismo Sport (Playstation) *

  • Gran Turismo 7 (Playstation) *

  • iRacing (PC)

  • Project CARS 2 (PC, XBox and Playstation)

  • RaceRoom Racing Experience (PC)

* Advanced Analysis feature not available for Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo due to limited telemetry data from the game

  • The RS Dash ASR app on a Windows PC, iOS or Android device

  • A Wifi network connection between your PC/Console and your RS Dash  ASR device.

  • An RS Dash ASR subscription (available for purchase in the iOS or Android app), or existing RS Dash classic license(s).

  • An RS Dash online account (which can be created for free, a valid email address is required to verify the account during creation)

  • Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, AutoMobilista 2 and iRacing will require the Windows PC version of RS Dash ASR to be installed on the same PC those games are running on in order to relay the telemetry data to any iOS and/or Android devices running RS Dash ASR. 

The telemetry data available in the app varies between different racing simulators depending on what telemetry data they actually output. Please see our Telemetry Features Comparison for the available telemetry data for each interface before purchasing.

RS Dash ASR App Comparison

Compare the features of RS Dash with RS Dash ASR here

Compare the interfaces of RS Dash with RS Dash ASR here

Setup Guide

Please refer to the setup guides on our Support pages


RS Dash ASR app offers a number of subscription options for purchase in the app, however there is also a 100% free trial available for new users (terms and conditions for the trial are available in the app). Once the trial period ends, your access to the app and its features will revert to its previous state prior to the trial commencing.

​RS Dash ASR subscriptions (*where stated in the app) include full complimentary access to the RS Dash (classic) app and all its interfaces as well.

If you are an existing RS Dash (classic) user, you will be able to use RS Dash ASR in a limited capacity with using your existing interface license(s). Examples of limitations are (but not limited to) only being able to use game interfaces matching your RS Dash classic interfaces, you will not be able to use the Advanced Analysis tool. If you have trouble using your RS Dash licenses with RS Dash ASR, please perform a [Restore Purchases] in RS Dash first and if problems still persist, please contact us at

Personal and Commerical Use

Our RS Dash ASR Professional subscription license is suitable for both personal and commercial use. Fair use policy applies. In a personal use environment, the license applies to a single user with one or more mobile devices. In a commercial environment, unless otherwise stated, a single individual license applies to a single sim racing rig and one or more mobile devices receiving data from that specific sim racing rig.

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