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F1 2017

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F1 2017


Supported versions of F1 2017

Windows PC



Supported Telemetry Apps

RS Dash

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RS Dash

These instructions for specifically for the "RS Dash" app. 

Install RS Dash on any Windows, iOS and/or Android device(s) that you want to display telemetry on.

In the RS Dash app

​(for each device you have RS Dash installed on)

  • Select the [F1 2017] game tile

  • The current IP address the RS Dash device will then be shown, along with a message indicating it is "Waiting for game to start..."

RS Dash
RS Dash
In the F1 2017 game
  • Select [Game Options]

  • Select [Settings]

  • Select [UDP Telemetry Settings]

F1 2017
  • Set "UDP Telemetry" to "On"

  • Set "UDP Broadcast Mode" to "Off" if you are only running RS Dash on a single device, otherwise set this to "On".

  • Set "IP Address" to the IP address of your mobile device as shown in RS Dash earlier. If you are running RS Dash on multiple devices, enter the IP from any one of the devices.

  • Set the "Port" to "20777"

  • Set the "Send Rate" to "60Hz" 

  • Start a session so you are on track or in the garage (Note: the game only sends telemetry while in an active session)

F1 2017

​The RS Dash app should now be showing the dashboards if you are in an active session in the game.



  • You must have F1 2017 patch v1.8 or newer.

  • Note: Please be aware that the game will only start sending telemetry data to the app once you start driving, so prior to that point the app will still indicate that it is waiting for the game to start.

  • RS Dash (classic) users - ​IMPORTANT: Please make sure the "Legacy Net Code" option is DISABLED in RS Dash when using this interface as it will likely cause lag due to the extra bandwidth used by the F1 protocols. It is recommended that you try a UDP Send Rate of 30Hz first with the "Legacy Net Code" option disabled in RS Dash.  

  • Try to disable Broadcast Mode and specify the direct IP address of one of your mobile device(s). Only applicable if broadcast mode was being used.


More Troubleshooting Options

Networking/Connectivity Troubleshooting Tips

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