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About Us

Proven since 2013
Unrivalled Reliability.

A pioneer of sim racing telemetry apps, we began with the creation of the much loved (and now retired) pCars Dash app for Project CARS 1 back in 2013. Collaborating with Slightly Mad Studios, the first UDP telemetry protocol was was bought to the console market for the first time in a major sim racing title. Since then, pretty much every mainstream sim racing title has incorporated telemetry output options into their game and the eco-system of 3rd party companion apps has grown substantially.

As more and more sim racing titles added support for telemetry, RS Dash was created in 2014 to support that ever growing list of games. A few years later and our cloud services were online allowing users to save and review their racing statistics and race results in the cloud. 

Fast forward to 2020 and with RS Dash being a well known and respected name in sim racing, we launched our next generation 'RS Dash ASR' app which had been built from the ground up using the latest technologies available. This has allowed us to build improved telemetry interfaces, advanced analysis systems and a fully customisable dashboard editor.

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