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Gran Turismo 6

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Gran Turismo 6


Supported versions of Gran Turismo 6

Playstation 4

Supported Telemetry Apps


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These instructions for specifically for the "RS Dash ASR" app. There are instructions for the regular "RS Dash" app further below"

Note: The RS Dash ASR 'Advanced Analysis' feature cannot be used with Gran Turismo 6 due to limitations in the telemetry data that is output by the game

Install RS Dash ASR on any iOS, Android or Windows devices you want to display telemetry on.

In the RS Dash ASR app
  • Select [Launch] button from the navigation bar along the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter the IP Address of your Playstation in the Console IP Address field. (Hint: There are instructions further below if you do not know how to get the IP Address of your Playstation)

  • Select [Gran Turismo 6] as the Sim Racing Game

  • Select a Dashboard Layout you want to display

  • Select a Recording Option, or disable recording. Note: Recording should only ever be enabled on a single device at a time.

  • Click the [LAUNCH] button. The dashboard layout will show and display the current IP address while it waits for telemetry data.

In the Gran Turismo 6 game
  • Start the game, no additional steps are required for this interface

How to determine your Playstation's IP Address
  • From the main menu, press the up arrow until you get to the menu options (eg Notifications button etc)

  • Select the [Settings] option (second last icon)

  • Select [Network]

  • Select [View Connection Status]

  • Take note of the value in the IP Address field. It will look something like

  • Hint: The [NAT Type] on this screen should show "Type 2", other NAT Types will not work with the telemetry. If you have a different NAT Type set then you may need to change it.




  • For RS Dash ASR Windows PC users, a firewall exception is required to enable the GT6 interface to function. For most users who just use the inbuilt Windows Firewall, they should not need to perform any additional steps however if you are unable to get the telemetry working, please check the following firewall exceptions are configured.
    - An application exception for the entire RS Dash ASR app
    - An outbound port exception for UDP Port 33339
    - An inbound port exception for UDP Port 33340


More Troubleshooting Options

Networking/Connectivity Troubleshooting Tips

General Troubleshooting Tips

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