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A pioneer of Sim Racing Dashboards and Telemetry Analysis

Our apps provide state of the art telemetry processing, dashboards and tuning for the sim racing community

Let your Telemetry data take your Sim Racing to the Next Level

Using our advanced telemetry analysis tools you can analyse your driving in detail, compare laps and clearly see where time is being lost or gained during a lap.

Cloud Storage and Analytics 

Our RS Dash apps allow you to record and upload your telemetry data into the cloud where it can be reviewed and analysed in detail.

Dashboard Customisation

Create, edit and customise dashboards that can be used on tablets, phones, laptops and desktop's running on iOS, Android or Windows.

Live Telemetry  Visualisation

From our next generation RS Dash ASR dashboards to our much loved classic RS Dash layout, we've got you covered on the main sim racing titles.

Vehicle Tuning

Our Tune It Yourself app gives you advanced  automated vehicle tuning in the Forza  series of games.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Providing Telemetry Apps Since


Sessions Recorded


Laps Recorded


KM's Driven


Sim Racing Interfaces

Our Interfaces Include

Project CARS Series

Formula 1 20xx Series

Assetto Corsa Series

Gran Turismo, iRacing, AutoMobilista,
and more

Proven since 2013
Unrivalled Reliability.

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